The Phantom Carriage :

The Phantom Carriage rises from the ashes of french screamo band, Taciturn. The story begins when former members decided to look for a “new” kind of extreme music. The will to create something heavier and darker than what the existing scene was producing quickly led them to cross genres and give birth to a more blackened and chaotic music. Embracing Black Metal features without denying their roots, the band recorded their first full length “New Thing” which was released in 2011 via Throatruiner and Swarm ov Nails.

After some months, the band eventually reached out to another guitarist. In the year that followed, dozens of shows were being performed and the need to take one step further quickly came up to be a natural evolution. The recording session of Falls, their second album, was engineered by Franck Hueso (Deathspell Omega, Hacride...) and was released in March, 2013 on Throatruiner, Braincrushing and Theatre Records as for the LP version and on Pest Productions as for the CD version. Still anchored in this chaotic, post hardcore and black metal atmosphere, the mixture turns out to evoke bands like Krallice, Deathspell Omega, Cave in, Converge..


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